Quality Standard Reared Beef

All our beef is reared in line with the EBLEX a division Agricultral & horticultural Development Board Quality Standard scheme which gives chefs extremely high levels of assurance of the beef supplied by Aubrey Allen.

Not only is Quality Standard beef produced to higher standards than required by law, the EBLEX scheme is unique as the only one of its kind to include eating quality.

That means you can be more confident in the tenderness and succulence of your meat when its Quality Standard beef. These key factors of tenderness and succulence are vital to ensure customer satisfaction.

The additional requirements of the Quality Standard scheme over and above current legal standards are designed to minimise the impact of animal age on eating quality – providing you with both improved and more consistent eating quality.
The best suckler herds (bred only for beef) are selected for breeding and from that moment, with expert care and time, world class beef is produced.

Cattle processed by Aubrey allen are raised on clean, green pastures with access to clean, clear drinking water. They are suckled on their mothers and allowed to run with the family herd. They are naturally slow grown for a minimum of 22 months (the industry standard is 14-18 months).

Animal welfare checks take place in relation to transportation, handling and slaughter. Aubrey Allen beef has to meet exceptionally stringent specifications, so tight that less than 10 in every 100 cattle meet their dry aged criteria (we only accept U with 4 grade on meat to bone ratio and fat conformation for optimum eating quality), carcasses are electronically stimulated to enhance texture.

Dry Aged beef is matured in the time honoured way for a minimum of 21 days to tenderise the meat and intensify the flavour at a modern drying processing plant under strictly controlled conditions.

Great beef can be identified by the lovely round shape of the steak on the plate and  when cooked correctly the meat should caramelise causing a beefy, flavour rich,explosion of sweetness that will make you want more