Outdoor Reared Pork

Aubrey Allen select only the best whole carcases from the gilts (young females pigs) as experience has shown, meat from gilts guarantees a sweet flavour and wonderful texture.

Animal welfare friendly pigs are (non intensively) reared in barn areas for much of their lives. Pork supplied by Aubrey Allen is sourced from two farms, in Lincolnshire and  Nottinghamshire, it is farm assured and slowly reared to high standards. Pigs reared to these standards are provided with food, water and shelter along with generous minimum space allowances that encourage them to behave naturally as they would do in the wild.

Breeding sows are kept outside in fields throughout their productive lives, piglets are born outside, in the same fields, where they stay with their mothers until weaning time. Exceptions to this are where soil types and climate are a constraining factor, farmers can apply to keep gestating sows in barns, in groups on deep straw bedding for a maximum of seven weeks at the start of each production cycle.