South Western Lamb

Lamb used at the Stuart Inns venues comes from Aubrey Allen who refer to it as South West Lamb due to it being produced in the West Country, and Cornwall in particular in order to prevent lambs producing excess of fat.

The lamb is produced on selected farms in Cornwall and the South West and is accredited by EBLEX a division Agricultral & horticultural Development Board Quality Standard scheme assuring gate to plate traceability. This quality accessment gives chefs extremely high levels of assurance for lamb processed by Aubrey Allen. Cornwall is the perfect place to grow lamb, with the granite pastures and natural herbs helping to develop a great natural flavour.

Not only is Quality Standard lamb produced to higher standards than required by law, the EBLEX scheme is unique as the only one of its kind to include eating quality. That means restaurant goers can be confident in the tenderness and succulence of  our meat when its Quality Standard lamb. It is these key factors of tenderness and succulence that ensure our customers return time and time again.

The additional requirements of the Quality Standard scheme over and above current legal standards are designed to minimise the impact of animal age on eating quality - providing you with both improved and more consistent eating quality.

Only 12 in 100 lambs match our criteria and we guarantee consistency in our lambs. Animal welfare checks take place in relation to transportation, handling and slaughter. Lamb carcases are electronically stimulated to enhance the texture and matured for 7-10 days to intensify the flavour.