Maybe not the 'king of vegetables' but still enjoyed by many

The 'summer vegetable' - English runner beans, sweet juicy and tender.

New season runner beans

One of the most popular vegetables of summer, enjoyed by dinners and families throughout Great Britain and one that comes into its own during late August, September and often into late October, during which time summer temperature begin to fall and runner bean plants, (if sown and harvested correctly) put on a spurt of energy, producing an abundance of flowers and pods.

Runner beans have been grown in South America for over 2,000 years from there they became a popular garden vegetable in Britain.

For a satisfying vegetable dish the pods must be ‘de-stringed’  that is the removal of the coarser edges of the pods, best done using a speed peeler, then sliced either by hand or using a bean slicer, the most efficient way of achieving delicate even slices.

Once freshly sliced, cook the beans in slightly salted boiling water until tender, drain and serve immediately. They are an excellent vegetable with roast New Season English Lamb or roast chicken, served of course with proper gravy made from the roasting jucies.

For many gardeners, the summer just isn’t complete without a delicious crop of tender Runner Beans. They are such a productive crop and really easy to grow. Don’t be put off if your plot is tiny - Runner Beans are the perfect space saving crop and grow equally well in large patio pots. In fact, with their ornamental, heart shaped leaves and pretty, nectar rich blooms, they look perfectly at home in the flower border!