Like them or loath them they eat well when accompanied by chilled white wine - Oysters!

Jersey Rock oysters are sweet and succulent.

Stuart Inns Lobsters

Although Stuart Inns take pride in sourcing meat, fish, poultry and vegetables from local and national sources there are times when we are persuaded to go further afield, as in the case with the oysters we serve at the venues.

It so happens that we choose oysters from Jersey, but not exclusively, after two of Stuart Inns were so impressed with their texture and stunning flavour when tasted by them while on holiday in the Channel Islands, wanted to share their experience with dinners.

Little known, but true, the Rock, or Pacific oyster is not a native to the seas around Great Britain, but rather a native of the North American coastline, having been introduced to Europe 30 years ago they are as succulent as native oysters. Many people however prefer the firmer texture and flavour of Rock compared to indigenous native oyster.

With some of the best water quality anywhere in Europe these oysters are able to thrive in a totally organic environment – Jersey oysters quite literally offer a taste of the sea - and when the sea is as clean as it is around the Channel Islands, makes Jersey oysters something special, indeed very special.