One of Spring's Finest pairs (with asparagus) and 'king of the crustaceans' to the seafood foodie world'

East Coast lobster, a delicacy with white, firm meat that is sweet and succulent.

Stuart Inns LobstersBefore cooking, lobster shell has a very dark colour, with tints that range from blue/green to red/purple it gains its distinctive deep red brick colour after it has been cooked.

Stuart Inns where possible like to buy their lobsters caught around Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk from local suppliers.

The common lobster is a species of lobster which is found all around the British Isles, as well as throughout the rest of Europe. Common lobsters are occasionally be found in the inter-tidal zone, but generally they prefer deeper water of 10-50 metres.

They are mostly found on rocky seabeds. The common lobster can grow to one metre in length and weigh more than fifteen pounds. However, most lobsters are smaller than this typically between 30-50cm.

One of the largest lobsters landed was caught in 2008 off the Devon coast between Bigbury Bay and Hope Cove, it weighted over 5kg and was thought to be over one hundred years old!