Spring's Finest Vegetable - the 'first lady' of the Vegetable World

Asparagus one of the most anticipated and tastiest vegetables of spring - In season from the end of April until June!

Stuart Inns New Season Local AsparagusAsparagus lovingly awaited every year by Britain's foodies, so versatile can be eaten a different way every day of the short 8 week season.

Traditionally grown in Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, it is now grown throughout the UK practically on well drained sandy soils, Stuart Inns buy their asparagus from a local Essex grower, Ardleigh Asparagus.

Growing British asparagus is a labour of love. Each asparagus shoot or ‘spear ‘ can grows at an astounding rate, 4 inches or 100mm a day.

Every spear is harvested by hand when it reaches just the right height. Ideal growing conditions are a cool, crisp spring, not too wet, not too dry, means that we should be on course for a great crop in 2016. .