Locals Select Fine Wines

Posted 29 Sep 2016

Lavenham Residents Select Fine Wines for the Greyhound

Stuart Inns, operators of the Lavenham Greyhound recently held a Wine Tasting evening, with a difference, they asked the residents of Lavenham to taste and select wines for the Greyhound wine list!

The event held on Thursday 8th September at the Lavenham Greyhound organised by Lorna Pissarro assisted by Rachel Williams was lead by Graham Philpott from our specialist wine supplier Hallgarten Druitt Wines.

This much anticipated event was attended by 40 local ‘Lavhamians’ who between them polished off a remarkable number of wines, in addition to a beautifully prepared range of delicious in-house canapés.

During the tasting our guests were asked to rate and vote for each wine from a selection of four reds and four whites sourced from different wine producers throughout the world; France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, with tasting help, notes and guidance on each provided by Graham.

The Winners

Of the eight wines tasted the most popular by far was a white wine, Picpoul de Pinet, Tournée du Sud, France. A steely, poised dry white wine, with an aura of lemon peel and flora on the nose, lovely  concentration on the palate, zingy acidity and unusual depth on the finish.

Bove, ‘Safari’ Pecorino Terre di Chieti from the Chieti province of Abruzzo, central Italy. A lesser-known indigenous delightful, Italian white wine with plenty of style and character, received 25 votes, due mainly to its tropical aromas on the nose, a delicate floral bouquet and an appealing minerality.

Interestingly the next most voted wine was Rockburn, Devils Staircase a red Pinot Noir from the Otago region of New Zealand, bursting with flavours of black plums, blueberries and bramble fruit achieved 17 votes from our local residents.

One notable wine that didn’t make the cut was Morgon, a red wine from Chateau de Grand Pre, a family run wine estate located in Southern Burgundy. Boasting a beautifully deep ruby red, the aromas are of ripe fruit (including blackcurrant and blackberry) achieved 16 votes.