LIVE Radio Broadcast

Posted 29 Sep 2016

Oyez - hear ye hear ye - Live radio broadcast from The Hadleigh Ram

TOWN 102 - LIVE radio broadcast from The Hadleigh Ram - Friday 14th October 10:00am – 2:00pm

As far as know this is the first for a Hadleigh hostelry, a live radio show from one of the oldest inns in Suffolk.

Food & Drink

Between 10am and 2pm we will be running a special radio inspired Brunch Menu. Our Head Chef will be showing some of his culinary skills and our wine suppliers will be featuring some great wines for you to try. We will also have a Cocktail Bar, so why not have, a little shake yourself!

This ‘popup’ live broadcast, hosted by popular impresario DJ Nicholas Pandolfi will begin at 10:00am and feature an interview with Stuart Inns Executive Chef, Ollie Macmillan and one of our fresh produce suppliers who will be discussing foodie trends, supplying and catering for the restaurant trade.

Leading on from this will be the Chefs Demo at 11:00am by The Ram’s resident Head Chef Adam Pickard, Adam whose culinary experience began at Pennyhill Park Hotel, home of the England Rugby Club, continued to the Antipodes, the Angel, Lavenham and Long Melford Swan.

When asked what his 'food heaven' and 'food hell' was, Adam replied "nothing beats home cooked roast dinner", I'd agree with that, especially roast pork with proper crackling! As for food hell he wasn't sure, but said, oysters could be one! One food many people either like or loath!

Meet the MP

At 11:30am Member of Parliament for South Suffolk,  MP James Cartlidge, who replaced long-standing former MP Tim Yeo, will talk about Hadleigh businesses, issues facing UK tourism following Brexit, and thoughts on his first term as being the new MP, and his appointment to the Public Accounts Commission Committee.

Cocktail Master Class

Returning to the bar theme at 12:00am the live broadcast will feature a Cocktail Master Class with Jamie Walton, Stuart Inns resident cocktail creator who will be making, creating and demonstrating how anyone can make and create the perfect cocktail for any occasion.

Izzy Interview

The ‘customer’s the star’ interview will take place at 12:30am with Izzy, The Hadleigh Ram’s engaging and popular Front of House Manager with a live dinner, reviewing the merits of dining at a Michelin listed restaurant.

Fine Wine Tasting - free

Thereafter at 1:00pm, following on from a successful residents wine tasting and selection evening hosted at the Lavenham Greyhound, Graham Philpott from our specialist wine supplier Hallgarten Druitt Wines will host a tasting session of fine wines from well known and recently discovered wine regions from around the world.

Dementia Friendly – why it matters

1:30pm, rounding off the live broadcast will feature Tracey Loynds on why Dementia friendly, hospitality venues, are increasing throughout the UK and the benefit to both leisure venues and suffers alike.

LIVE radio broadcast from The Hadleigh Ram on Friday 14th October. Book for Bottomless Brunch or Lunch and be part of it!

Call 01473 822880 to be part of it, or Book A Table Online here