Meet The Ramblers - Rachael

Posted 21 Mar 2017

What Do You Do At Stuart Inns?

I'm Restaurant Manager at The Long Melford Swan

Did You Take Part Last Year?


Why are you taking part in the Restaurant Ramble?

I couldn't take part in this last year as I had just had a baby, so I'm really excited to be doing it this year!
 I am a big fan of the Macmillan charity and have previously had 2 very successful coffee mornings on their

My father in law passed away a few years ago from lung cancer and spent a long time in hospital
fighting the disease. As most of us know hospitals can be absolutely horrid places to be, especially
when you know you haven't got very long left with your loved ones.

He spent a few weeks on the Macmillan ward in Bury St Edmunds, my best memory of that
time was sitting in the private Macmillan garden in the sunshine, my daughter Sophie was only
7 months old and for 4 of those months her Grandpops had been in hospital, she desperately wanted
to crawl around on the floor and being in hospital you can't do that so he had never seen her crawl!
We went and sat in the garden which his room looked out on to and that day and he got to see
 her crawl around on the grass, for those few hours we felt almost normal and that was very special to us.
 This is why I'm so passionate about raising money for Macmillan so other families can have that extra
 care and support they so desperately need!

What do you think will be the biggest challenge on the day?

Walking!! I don't really like any form of exercise so we will see. I need to invest in some good walking shoes!

What are you most looking forward to?

The Champagne?... Raising lots of money for Macmillan and doing it with my work friends!

How much are you hoping to raise?

 Personally I'd like to raise as much as I possibly can! I'm not sure on a number, imagine if I could reach £1000!?!

What snacks are you bringing?

Can I take chocolate?

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