Meet The Ramblers - Lil

Posted 28 Mar 2017

What Do You Do At Stuart Inns?

I’ve done a bit of everything here over the last 4 years! Having worked as Supervisor at The Hadleigh Ram and then Front of House Manager at The Swan, I’ve recently joined the team at Head Office as Marketing Assistant.

Did You Take Part Last Year?


Why are you taking part in the Restaurant Ramble?

Because, in short, Macmillan Cancer support do amazing things. My father was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of oesophageal cancer in 2013 and sadly passed away within a few weeks of his diagnosis. In the short time he was able to spend with us at home, he did receive care from Macmillan nurses, who were fabulous. We got loads of advice from them, and they were arranging for us to have a hospital bed delivered to our house so that we would be able to care for him at home, but unfortunately he became too sick for this. He spent his final few weeks in St. Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich, to whom my wonderful Mum, who is also walking with us, will be donating half of her sponsorship

What do you think will be the biggest challenge on the day?

Last year I really struggled with the final two miles before The Greyhound. Mostly, because I was hungry and I'm a horrible person when I'm hungry! But I think the hardest part, is actually trying to sit down the next day. Ouch!

What are you most looking forward to?

The amazing feeling you get as you complete that final mile. It’s a really special moment to complete such a difficult challenge with your colleagues and it really brings you together. We’re really more like a family at Stuart Inns – I’ve grown up with these people!

How much are you hoping to raise?

I haven't set a target, because I think any amount is an achievement, this is a wonderful charity who really do good things.  I would love to be able to raise a lot.

What snacks are you bringing?

I am a snack expert. Never underestimate the power of sugar. My rucksack will be full of Haribo, Strawberry Laces, Nuts, Fruit and potentially an energy drink. I learnt an important lesson last year though - don't bring chocolate, it melts!

If you took part last year, what will you be doing differently this year? 

Snacking more frequently! For the sake of my team, I need to keep eating! Also – I was very lucky to only get one blister last year and that was because of a fold in my sock, so I’ll be checking my socks carefully before setting off!

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